Slacklining – A Way to Lift up Your Booty

I’m rather pretty clumsy. However, that does not stir me away from trying new things. I also love being outside. No indoor space can emulate the feeling of open space and fresh air. Nonetheless, I did spend my childhood climbing trees. There is a recent fitness hit that made its way into the gym. It’s called a slackline. It is essentially a rope that you would normally tow a car with, which you tie to two different sturdy things opposite from each other (trees) and walk across on.

If we rewind and think for a second, keeping the balance to our bodies is a complex process. There are numerous forces pulling us in different directions. Each move disrupts our balance and we need to counterbalance it. But do we really have as much balance as we think we do? Slacklining is a simple way to test it. Our bodies might be smart and in harmony, at least they pretend to be until we walk on steady surfaces. Things become more difficult once the ground is shaky. Remember that it is a full-body exercise that requires your complete concentration.

You might not be a pro for the first time when you do it, so make your life easier by shortening the slackline. The shorter it is, the sturdier it will hold you. Also, go barefoot as you can grip the slackline with your toes more easily. Keep at it for more tries as your brain rewires itself when you take a day’s break from the activity you’re trying to master. There will be a point when walking on it will become your active relaxation.

While slacklining might also be the fitness’ hottest trend to lift your booty, what it does is so much more. It builds strength to your whole lower body, and by practicing your balance, you tone your midsection. It in turn then increases your metabolism and make you burn more calories. Lastly, outdoor activity is always a great way of being out in the fresh air, which is an easy way of brightening your skin’s complexion.

Performing walks across the slackline or exercises with its help demands a whole lot of core strength and balance, while gravity is of no help either. The prop’s instability calls for extra alignment and balance. So, performing simple exercises like

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