Using Tarot Cards To Connect More With Yourself

If you’re unfamiliar with tarot cards, it can seem like a witchy, mystical art that only women with turbans and crystal balls perform. While this can be the stereotype around tarot cards, many people are now turning to tarot cards to deepen their relationship with themselves and strengthen their intuition. Tarot cards come in so many different forms now, and artists and healers are using their own interpretations and artwork to create beautiful tarot decks. While each tarot deck still follows the same 78 card-spread with major arcana and four suits, each unique deck has its own illustration and guide book to take the practitioner on their journey. 

Getting a tarot deck that speaks to you, with artwork that you are drawn to and resonates with, is the first step in your journey with tarot cards. Once you have your deck, you can begin to develop a relationship with your deck as you get to know each unique card and interpret your own meanings from the illustrations, traditional definitions of each card, and the guide book’s interpretation of the card from the author of your tarot deck. Reading cards for yourself is a great self-care practice that allows you to take some part of your day to connect with energies you want to draw into your life and answers you are seeking from within. 

While there are some guidelines around reading tarot, there is no right or wrong way to read for yourself. It is more about finding what works for you and what helps you connect the most with yourself and your deck. While keeping an open mind, explore all the different interpretations of the deck and what each card means to you. Be willing to reflect and respect yourself and your inner guiding truth, because it will help set you up for success.

Some people like to have a routine while reading tarot cards. You might find a time that you feel most connected, a unique space, or specific scents that help you more easily tune in. Lighting some sage or incense, using certain crystals, and taking a few breaths with your eyes closed are all great simple practices that can get you in the right state of mind before you begin to shuffle your cards and pull cards for yourself for the day. You can play around with only pulling one card each day for a while as you get to know yourself and your deck through this journey, or you may research some specific spreads that give you deeper answers that you may be seeking.

Keeping your specific cards close to you throughout the day might bring you a greater connection with them. Or you may begin a tarot journal where you write out interpretations of the cards and reflect on what they may mean in your life. You might meditate with your cards or keep them close to your mat while you practice yoga. The way that you read for yourself may change as you grow and deepen your connection to yourself and your intuition, but stay open to all the changes that may occur and trust your inner voice and truth. 

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