Mindfulness is so much more than sitting still and meditating. You’ve probably heard of mindful activities that differ from sitting still on a yoga mat. One of those is mindful dance. It lets your body move freely in different ways. It gives you a way to express what you’re feeling and let that out through movement. Furthermore, letting go of these emotions opens up space for new, positive feelings to enter your body. It enables you to connect first and foremost with yourself and then also with the rest of the people dancing with you.

First, you learn breathing techniques that help you release emotional but also physical boundaries. Breathing correctly also helps strengthen our stretches, and we gradually achieve greater flexibility. While we also improve the balance of our body through regular practice.

If there’s a buildup of tension in your muscles, moving feely alleviates it. By moving in certain ways, you can unblock minor limitations and increase your range of motion. We release the skeletal system and, in turn, reduce the impact on the muscles.

Another great capacity of free movement—starting from an early age—is exploring space. It provides us with the ability to be aware of the area around us and be able to move through it freely, without creating limits or tension around ourself as well as others.

The dance is done alongside a music backdrop, which also gives us the chance to express what we feel with specific rhythms and tunes.

By such dance, one discovers his/her own rhythm. There’s a dynamic of movement within each of us, and an underlying feeling that trusting that dynamic helps us escalate the connection to the harmony of our own being. While simultaneously we also discover and unveil feelings we might not have been aware of, and learn the basics of role-playing.

By stimulating the dynamics of rhythm, you moreover open space to new experiences and to welcome them wholeheartedly. We break down barriers to free ourselves from patterns that don’t serve us and make room for new ones that will introduce new concepts and possibly broaden our understanding of ourselves and life around us.

You might have heard that being able to express yourself further strengthens confidence in you.

Once we’re able to free ourselves from being trapped in our own thinking and burdening ourselves with the questions of “What others might think of us?” we’re relaxed in both mental and physical senses. The relaxation forges our slow breathing through which we can come to a calmer state of mind. Moreover, we free our thoughts, and that’s when new ideas or solutions to problems come to us the easiest. 

By having a clear understanding of the space around us, we also gain massive ability to observe our surroundings better. Our concentration improves, we become better listeners, know how to ask specific questions, and we observe in a less involved way.

Since our body perceives movement as stress or running away from an enemy in the more primal sense, it also sends signals to the brain after completing the activity that we are safe and leave us in a peaceful state of mind. And if that’s not the feeling we want to take with us to the rest of our busy day to conquer our tasks, we might just not be doing ourselves any favor.

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